Keeping water out of my shoes?



Thanks all.

I do have homemade mudflaps and full mudguards front and back.

I will try the duck tape on the next wet ride.

The annoying thing is that it's taken so long for the shoes to dry out.


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", , ,The annoying thing is that it's taken so long for the shoes to dry out."

I also find this annoying. I most often cycle in industrial safety shoes of a similar shape to cycling shoes/trainers; comfortable to walk in, fairly stiff sole because of the foot protection,so comfortable to cycle in for long periods, light, a little wider than most cycling shoes- which I appreciate, durable, no vat BUT like a lot of modern shoes they use padding round the collar and in the insole. This does take a lot of drying out. Only thing is due to all the tough synthetic materials they are made of, I can dry them a lot faster without harm than leather shoes. I have some walking "approach" boots which unlike safety shoes are supposed to be water proof (I do keep coming across this myth/legend that boots can be waterproof - never found it substantiated yet!) and they have the same problem.

Wet feet- part of cycling life from time to time, so it seems! :smile:


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Those holes are to let the water out.
This is important. I taped up the vents in my winter boots before a 200km audax in Wales in December a few years ago. By the time I got to Bala at 80km every pedal stroke resulted in a jet of ice water up my leg, think welly full of water. Spar provided sandwich bags and tin foil on that occasion.

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This review for waterproof socks appeared today on my FB feed, may be of help.
The reviewer, Fiona Outdoors Russell, puts her gear to extreme use!
For drying shoes, someone mentioned this - basically silica gel shoe size.


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Remember there's the big hole at the top which your foot goes in. Hard to waterproof that.
Eager spats with waterproof trousers over the top - eliminates ingress from above but doesn't help much with 'breathability'.

Edit: here's a link to Eager spats


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Thread resurrection time, because I now have two pairs of soaked (submerged?) shoes, thanks to torrential rain and flooding.

Sealskinz socks - what do they do differently?
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