Kryptonite Evolution Mini U Lock


Had one for over 3 years and it did the job really well. Thought I will get a second one for the N+1 last week. What a let-down! It rattled all the way. Yes the anti-rattle bumpers which they advertise don't work for the new model. I had looks and stares and people must be wondering if it was the headset. The key and locking mechanism has also changed and now key insertion is like picking a lock as you got to feel your way. The key also now goes across the crossbar and not in line with the crossbar when you hold it, counter-intuitive.

They must have challenged their Jony Ivey to come out with 3 difference changes that impacts a customer. And impact it did. If I did not own the previous model, I would not have realised all 3 changes.

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I bought the big brother version. Adds weight to the bike and was a bit fiddly to finally get on the frame but silent as a mouse...

Orson Kart

I tend to loosen the metal bracket and push it up against the bumper, compressing the bumper against the locking part. It's needs a little bit more force when locking the lock, but they've all been silent.


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I have the mini D. I tend to bung it in the pannier bag (space on the frame is taken by another bag). You're right they do rattle a fair bit. I cut up some old inner tube and thickened the pins out a bit to reduce rattle.


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Just a question - what do you want it for ? Will it stop someone nicking your bike - everything else is irrelevant.
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