Legal 'highs'? Who's tried?


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A group of my mates have been raving about 'legal highs' ever since the Mephedrone/Methylone things were around and have been bigging some stuff up. I don't know if I fell for the hype but we went for some Blue Lotus which is supposedly an ancient plant and is the root of the expression 'Lotus eaters' as they reckoned this is a perfect high; safe, legal, pleasant. shoot (in my opinion). We both found the recommended preparation - to soak it in wine for a few days - made it taste AWFUL and have to admit we felt nowt, nothing nil, nada, nicht, after consuming it. Yet there's tons of stuff on that internet thingy (I've never used that in my life, that's for sure) about such products.

Does anyone else know stuff about such products? I'm told the biggies now are Kratom, Salvia and, sadly, Blue Lotus. What do YOUSE lot know? Owt, or nowt?
If you need "highs",legal or otherwise,you're not riding your bike often enough.



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I might have considered trying them in my early twenties but I am a bit old now, like to be in control. Some of my mates used to take magic mushrooms which if not prepared I think are still legal. Up at Teggs Nose in Macclesfield in September groups of youths were regularly seen harvesting their shrooms. None of this getting them from a shop au natural and definite effect.


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You will probably get more advice on a dope growing forum rather than a cycling one...

Google "HG420"

No, that is not any form of encouragement BTW, just advice on research.


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HLaB said:
The best legal high is cycling, it works for me anyway.
+1 ;)
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