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I've just got me one of those mp3 mp4 video music player thingys (archos 404).

Not having had one of these before I have no idea where the best place (i.e. fairly cheap, comprehensive and fairly easy to use) is to buy this stuff.

A quick look on the web made me none the wiser (a lot of google noise!!)

Any suggestions?;)


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Limewire seems to be a popular site amongst my workmates. You could start there.


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Isn't limewire supposed to be illegal?

Hmv, Woolworths things like that? I dont download though i just use CDs and put them on it ...


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Most of the iTunes Music Store, which is the biggest seller of music and music videos online, is in protected AAC format, so I'm not sure your Archos will be able to play the files. For my purposes the iTunes Music Store is fine, so thats all I use - and I don't really know much about any other options, sorry. I will have a look round if I can.

magnatom said:
What software do people use to convert CD to mp3? Obviously the free'er the better! ;)

iTunes. :sad: Can convert into AAC or MP3, whatever settings you want, and its free. :smile:


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Itunes and napster are both straightforward and legal to use but they do supply music in a protected format. Tunebite will convert these formats into mp3 or whatever you prefer. I get a lot of my downloads from GoMusic. Downloads are a tenth of the iTunes price. It's also legal, technically, under Russian Law although UK and US firms are none too happy as I don't think they are paying all the royalties they should. Downloads are in unprotected mp3 format.
magnatom said:
What software do people use to convert CD to mp3? Obviously the free'er the better! ;)
Magnatom, I use Real player its on most machines already, I also tend to use , its got the advantage that it can also convert btween other formats and bit rates.


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magnatom said:
What software do people use to convert CD to mp3? Obviously the free'er the better! ;)

Ohhhh ... erm .... WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER!

*cough* sorry caffene intake. Its free and usually on normal computers.


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Just rip your own CDs onto it for starters, Magnatom. I use the free version of Jetaudio, which I much prefer to the annoying WMP.

After that, why not try a few podcasts ? There's something out there for everyone and for every taste. You'll get free music and entertainment and, if you choose the non-corporate podcasts, you'll get to hear amazing new bands and artists. You could always start with mine (plug, plug) - the URL is at the bottom of this post. From my website, you'll find links to shows I like and recommend, and you'll find other links from theirs.


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Nice advert goo. I've just subscribed to my first podcast ;).

Can I access the previous ones or do I just get the upcoming ones as and when? I'm pretty useless at technology so please explain gently.


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I buy from itunes, and my friend showed me how to burn bought tunes onto a Cd and then reimport them so that they can be uploaded to just any MP3 player...


Thanks Guys. Believe it or not I am pretty up on technology in general (I am a physicist after all!) but for some reason the mp3 revolution passed me by. When I listen to music I like doing it at home in the lounge, not doing anything else at the time, so it tends to be CD's for me.

However, since the arrival of kids I don't have the luxury to do that much now. As I have just got my shiny new archos (see helmet camera thread ;)) I've though about using it for music and video.

So I assume I need have some podcast software on my PC to receive the new stuff and then I sync it with the archos. Is that right?

I will certainly be burning a few of my CD's to mp3. Into muse at the moment any suggestions for similar bands?
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