Length of a roadbike


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I am a bit quiet at work today and thought I would make a dust cover for Jannies road bike as it is cleaned and ready to go in the loft for winter.

I am guessing that the length of a road bike is about 2.5m, but it is a guess.

If anyone is near a roadbike could you let me have the length of it and it will give me a better idea what to guess at. Her bike is a medium/ 54cm frame, if that helps.


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Just measured a size 50cm road bike, Total length is 65", i have a size 54 triban 3 in the shed, from memory i think that was only a fraction longer. I'd say 70" should be ok?

young Ed

you haven't made it so far as we're concerned if there aren't pics!
Cheers Ed

young Ed

just seen other thread, very nice!

and i thought we had most machines in our workshop, now i realise we are missing a high tech computer, a several thousand pound no doubt sail designing program, a sail cutter bigger than our house and workshop together and a massive industrial sewing machine! you just made me feel so inadequate :sad: :cry:
Cheers Ed
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