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Mancunian in self imposed exile in leafy Cheshire
Turned up at our celtic series 10TT last nigh and World and Olympic champion, Wiggle Honda Pro Cyclist Dani King turns up and signs the start sheet........not often you get that happening at your local footy, rugby or tennis courts now is it :smile:
It is at my local TT. :becool:


Mancunian in self imposed exile in leafy Cheshire
Most of the GB team including the likes of Simon Yates, Andy Tenant, Ross Edgar, Laura Trott, Dani King, Jo Rowsell, Sarah Storey the list goes on and on, Being ten miles from the home of British Cycling we tend to get a lot of pros. Last week there was a block booking of six 100% ME riders a couple of whom also ride for Team Wiggo.


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Watching a ladies road race the other week and Alex Dowsett went past the other way (he lives quite close to me)


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My post was more about you dont get this in other sports

Stevie G is not going to turn up and have a kick about with your footy club, andy murray isnt going to show up at your local club tourney and play etc etc

But in cycling anything is possible as the open event structure allows it to happen

As all the above comments show
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