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Middle of the pack...
S Yorks
Saturday I decided to go shopping on the commuter. It was a 'kill 2 birds' thing. We needed some shopping and I wanted to pop the bike into the LBS and see how much a service would be.
Anyway I'm approaching the butchers, overtake some parked cars, pull in, dismount.
As I walk across the pavement I look left. 20 yards on theres an old guy in a mobility scooter, seems to be having some difficulty. Infront of the butchers there's a guy on a bike. gardening tools hanging out of his solid rear rack box.
The old guys at a pavement pinch point and as I'm thinking of going over and asking if he wants a hand, he gets it moving.
I lean my bike up go into the butchers and the other guys now gone.
"Thats the kind of guy that gets cyclists a bad name"
The butcher then tells me the guy on the bikes been mouthing off for the last couple of minutes that he can't get past the scooter... on the pavement.
We then have a chat about the cycle lane on the other side of the road. Its 3 ft wide and in 40 yards enters a stretch where its 100% in the door zone of the adjacent 200m of parking bays
"Yeah, and there was a guy riding that last week. He was riding against traffic and shouting obscenities that he was in a cycle lane...."
Just ruminating on it. ...
There's crap drivers and crap cyclists.
When you're right, you're right :rolleyes:
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