magnatom.... where you go?

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I notice the typo in the title. Where not were

Im sure im not the only one thinking this but....
Where have you gone magnatom.
You have kinda dropped off the radar

Anyone know where he has gone?


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He left, there was a thread on it.

He has been very busy recently with the cycle campaigning he has been doing in Scotland.


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No need to be nasty about him. To be fair, I don't blame him for leaving, and the blame for that must partly be laid at the feet of the moderation team. They have allowed some shockingly unkind behaviour on here, particularly when it aligns with their own world views.

Hip Priest

As I recall, he decided to stop posting here due to what he felt was unfair criticism of his videos. He's still active elsewhere on the net and doing a lot of good work for cyclists in Scotland.
Cycling Dan

Cycling Dan

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After watching

Rather shocked he was getting death threats. What low life does that...
People just need to get over themselves.


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i feel like ive stepped on some egg shells here.

No not really. Magnaton was big enough and ugly enough to hold his own in the face of criticism (he had to as he had a girlie scream). Web cammers always seem to get a bashing in cycling fora. That seems to be part and parcel of web cam warrioring. It may have had some to do with Magnaton flouncing but it was only part of the reason he said cheerio to the site as well as a lot of personal, family and work life stuff to deal with.

As User9609 said above, his heart was in the right place.
[QUOTE 2003390, member: 9609"]his hearts in the right place and he will have done, and probably is still doing more towards the safety of cyclists than most people. I for one thank him.[/quote]


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I usually visit his website and find him a decent person. He is doing some good towards better conditions for cyclists in Scotland as opposed to some cyclists that would just whine and moan quietly and do nothing or berate someone that is doing good for cycling in their way the best they can. Thats the wonderful thing about human beings, we are not cloned the same and the spectrum of personalities are wide. Some we love some we hate. With any club, forum or gathering you will always get some sort of bickering now and again its human nature. Thats why I have a long fuse which I can tolorate alot of people [especially at work ] and take any comments with a pinch of salt.

Fantastic forum CC though and alot of decent people from all walks of life on here which brings me back time and time again........ and I bought the shirt !!! Live and let live.
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