Manchester Airport


Got in at half ten after a very pleasant and perfectly paced 43 miler out to Wilmslow, took in the airfield and a few big jets roaring off the runway to heaven knows where. I also passed the other side of the airport just as a Ryanair liner hoved in to land. Would've made a great photo but alas, I missed it, and then after waiting ten minutes fruitlessly, I decided I better crack on. Wish I had stayed a while longer - as I got home in the dark anyway, it wouldn't have made any real difference.

Home straight was the run from Altrincham via Dunham Massey and Lymm - always a firm favourite with flat smooth roads and beautiful scenery.

Yay! Please stay awhile, O summer.



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Warrington, UK
cracking place to cycle much prefer it than heading south out of warrington.


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I'll have to give that a go.

I ride past Liverpool airport several times a week and you get the planes coming in to land right over your head. You can even get right to the edge of the runway here.
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