Marmite TV - Count Arthur Strong

Not a fan - thought his (R4) programme tedious and unfunny, albeit in fairness it's a moderately well done pastiche of something or other if you like that sort of thing


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[QUOTE 3474376, member: 259"]Yes, much funnier on the wireless. it's odd, some things - like the Mighty Boosh and the League of Gentlemen, explode into technicolour funniness on the telly, some things just seem to fall a bit flat.[/QUOTE]

the Mary Whitehouse experience is another one that was brilliant on TV and Radio. Room 101 though nah that just flopped on the telly TBH. and Nick Hancock looked nothing like i imagined he would. ( what happened to him BTW just disappeared didnt he)
Radio; Hilarious!
TV; Not bad, a fair few chuckles.
Live show; Not enough substance to maintain.
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Well I like him!

... it's not constant hold your sides laughter all the time but you wouldn't want it to be... Arthur Strong is brilliant and his timing is immaculate.

Sadly, I do find Roy Kinnear's son's character irritating.


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Probably my favourite radio show, really want to like the TV version but honestly it's just OK.

Maybe it's because they changed all of the peripheral figures from the radio show, to completely new 'side-kicks'?

Still better than 90% of TV comedies I've seen recently though :thumbsup:
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