Mileage for the Year

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Well fellas and fellesses, it's nearing the end of the year.

This is my first year of regular commuting and it looks like I'll finish on around 1500 miles (about 2400km) for the year. I feel fitter than ever for it.

Anyone else keep tabs? How've you all done?

Of course, I reckon those who don't count and just get on with it day in day out are the true legends!


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Those who don't count aren't legends - they're lying ;)

I started at the end of October, and should have clocked up just over 250 miles by the end of the year.
I lost my computer so I have lost the accurate count, but I reckon it is something close to 2000 miles.

(Calc: cycle 46 weeks of the year on average about 4.5 days a week and about 9.5 miles a day. This is a fairly conservative guess I think)


the comp is on the wrecked bike but 26 miles two days a week plus three days of 29 miles makes 139 miles a week

only been going since June so theoretically 4,200 miles ish

less three weeks off injured and a fair few scooter days for college

wild guess of 3,000 miles

miles with a very heavy pannier should count extra


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Ooh, I'm a legend am I? But only because my computer broke.

Quick calc says about 3600km, but that doesn't include the detours home on those long summer evenings ;)

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since starting riding on the 1st of October i will have done 2160 miles by the 31st of Dec commuting to and from and work. On top of that i have done some 100+ miles rides at the weekends.


6,700 miles for the year with one home bound commute before I switch to the car for the last week at work.

Despite an appaling start this has been the best year so far. ;)

Amanda P

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I'm a true legend.

I swap between three bikes (it's a boring ride - I have to do something to relieve the tedium!) Two of them have cheap computers that are always breaking or resetting themselves. The third has no computer.

I could estimate the figure, but I'd rather be a legend.


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Leith, Edinburgh
30 miles short of 4000 miles total, so probably just short of around 3000 regular commuting miles this year.

Had I not damaged the bike on Tuesday, I would have been passing the 4000th mile today ;)

John the Monkey

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982.5 miles so far (since beginning to commute at the end of August). If it carries on being icy, I'm not sure how much more I'll be able to rack up though.


Can't remember what number the computer showed at the beginning of the year, when I didn't reset it.

55mi /wk if I ride all 5 days which I usually do call it 2500mi ish or 4000km give or take. Not done much in the way of non-commuting rides for one reason or another, they probably equal the days I didn't commute for equally sensible reasons.

Resolution for next year: check and recored Milometer settings so I'll know properly!


John the Monkey said:
982.5 miles so far (since beginning to commute at the end of August). If it carries on being icy, I'm not sure how much more I'll be able to rack up though.

Monkey really!

the last two days must have been as cold as it'll ever get, bib longs, overshoes, Nightvision plus buff and gloves and it was fine, granted you can feel it nibbling but I still had a toasty/light sweat on

ask me again after cycling home tonight though ETA home 10pm


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I'm a legend too but only cos I had one of those Aldi computers that resets itself sometimes.

Probably around 4500 if you include the detours/training.

Have you ever tried telling a non-cyclist how many miles you do in a year? In my experience they just don't believe you. Once you take them through it and explain how it's quite easy to rack up thousands of miles in a year just going to work there are only 2 reactions awe or, "You must be mental." ;)


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I have a computer on all 3 of my bikes although one of the bikes was tea-leafed last month, so I don't know the exact figure for that one, but together it is around 10,875.00 ;) But this does include a cycling holiday in Egypt and of course my daily slog to work and back.
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