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i hate it when people mispronunciounciate things.

a particularly common one is "Shwalbee" tyres. come on, it's got to be "Shvalba" surely?

in halfords recently a bloke came up to me and pointed at my bike and said "that's a Giant Deefee isn't it?" and then proceeded to follow me around discussing how good Deefees are.


i also hate it when people don't use capitals at the start of sentences.

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Yep, hate it too

Turbo Rider

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When Radio 4 had a programme about pronounciation I was the smug git that emailed the show to point out it should be pronunciation.
Nup, you've spelt that wrong Drago :whistle:

I don't know...I think it brings an air of trickery to the world...quite like it...I once had to endure a five minute argument by two eminent jism-rags in our office who were at it over how to pronounce scone. Me being me, I waded in with scunay as an alternative...how they laughed...


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Rhetorical? I'll have you know I'm not from Wales.


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People who pronounce Ikea as "Eye-kea"

People who pronounce Ibiza as "Eye-beetha"

That's as ignorant as talking about the "Ay-rabs" in "Eye-raq".
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