Morning everyone!

Namaste, I'm back from sunny India. Had an absolutely brilliant time, it was totally incredible!!!! I'll be working up the journal over the next week as we got no internet access during the trip..but it was so much fun.

What did I miss here???
HEY YOU, welcome back! looking forward to hearing about your adventure!
Nice to be back!!! Had such a fab time I can't begin to tell you!! I've been awake since 4am due to jetlag so am using the time wisely to start writing up my diary... have to get ready for work very soon though, which is a bit gutting.

Am very thin due to copious amounts of delhi belly. I look like Kate Moss ;)

John Ponting

Cathryn, welcome back. Spookily, I found the start to your journal yesterday evening and bookmarked it ready for when you finish it.


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Colne, Lancs
Good to have you back, you might've missed Cycle Chat's forays into poetry and probably some top gear ranting. Can't remember how long ago that was and whether you were here or away. I shall read the exploits later. anyway, enjoy.
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