Moulton 1966 Deluxe - handlebars + period pedals


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My partner Nick has just purchased a 1966 Deluxe Moulton but he's having great problems in raising the handlebars as it appears the expander nut has seized in the stem. Lots of Plus Gas/WD40 but no amount of persuasion is moving it. Have you any ideas? Also! Can you recommend some suitable period pedals. Thank you! Sally


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:welcome: If the nut has seized the normal way is to unscrew the holding bolt a couple of turns and hit it with a midsize hammer, be careful not to bend the bolt. As it is all steel in there on a Moulton a bit of penetrating oil wouldn't go amiss.


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Put some wood in between the hammer and bolt to spread the blow, at least for the first attempts. I don't know about that exact bike, but if you can see up the stem once the front wheel is out, inverting it and putting penetrating oil in from the bottom should also help. Good luck!
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