Mountain Bikers v Walkers - live on the Jezza Vine show

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rugby bloke

A little light relief at the end of the Jezza Vine show.

Following the run of reports of booby traps being set on mtb trails, is there a conflict between riders and walkers ? So far the 2 contributors have been very reasonable, lets hope we get some decent callers to add some vinegar to the debate !


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Quite the opposite mountain bikers and walkers in the 25+ years I have been mountain biking always get on very well. You just get a few nutters now and then. To give one example coming down a steep drop my friends brakes failed, he went fast into about 40 pensioners walking along the trail at the bottom of the drop shouting move my brakes have gone, they all parted like the Red Sea for Moses. He then came back round apologising and they were just winding him up and having a look at his full suspension mountain bike. We met the same group later on and they were pleased to see him again to continue winding him up.


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I only get the odd one moaning for me to get off the footpath. I don't ride on footpaths, so I'll always remind them that it's a bridlepath / byway (and in a very non-confrontational way) but it doesn't always seem to placate them.


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Mutual respect goes a long way.. Sometimes doesn't happen in the real world, but it should.
Occasionally, so I believe, riders are too intent on a Strava segment, and walkers are more concerned with where to consume their tupperware box of cheese & tomato sandwiches and a nice flask of tea.


I think the ramblers have more of an issue with dirt bike motorcycles than mtn bikes, but mtn bikes and ebikes are probably fair game to whinge about. Then dirt bike riders moan about 4X4's chewing up the lanes. Dog walkers dont pick up their dogs sheet either, so they're another target.
Basically, everyone hates everyone else and they all want the countryside just for their own kind.


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I do both.

Therefore, I have an almost constant argumentative internal dialogue going on with myself.

But not usually around the pros or cons of feet v tyres.

Apart from the usual preferring not to be mown down, by some idiot not looking where they're going.

My only real issue with mtb'ing in the hills is on steep slopes where the channelling effect of a tyre, on soil causes faster erosion.

Or a bunch of bikers turning up at 'my' pitch, or bothy, that's taken a day and a half to hike to... And they only left just before lunch that day..:angry:

Otherwise its just a manufactured argument isn't it.


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I can't stand Jeremy Whine. Its Jeremy Kyle for licence fee payers.

I don't listen to him, or stations that broadcast him.


"Well any reasonable Middle Englander would agree with my narrow minded view"

tone, is deeply enraging.

Someone on Six Music uses samples of him, to reasonable comedic effect though.

He has a holiday home somewhere near here.
tbh I'm not even sure what he looks like, but maybe I should find out.. So I can accidently on purpose mow him down on my bike, one day.. :cycle:

Like the 'scourge of the lanes' wot I am.
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