MTB drop bar conversion

Discussion in 'Photo Gallery' started by cyberknight, 19 Mar 2016.

  1. NeilM

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    North Somerset
    I did this Rourke a while ago, originally based on mostly mtb running gear, but the further I went with it the more compatibility issues I ran into so I ended up running basically a SRAM cx chainset.

    It rode well enough but was really neither fish nor fowl and was too good a frame just to be used on high days and holidays, so it was all stripped down and the frame now lives in Spain.

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  2. Looking good., as did John Tomac, on his YETI, or Raleigh, in the mid-90's

    And, as for those Kevlar(?) foldable rear discs
    801f613a42ef5aed1a8f6db1f07e9608.jpg EUBK_John_Tomac_Yeti_C-26.jpg
  3. KneesUp

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    Have you done anything with the bars @cyberknight ?

    I run John Tomac Cinellis on my conversion - they're very wide (46cm I think) and very comfortable. (Excuse the badly adjusted mudguards) 30029778601_1c10e73cb9_z.jpg
  4. OP

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    South Derbyshire
    Not yet , one of those i gotta do jobs but as i am skint till pay day ( more than usual ) a new set of bars and longer cables is a no no .I am finding going uphill the front end goes light atm, could be the panniers not helping ?
  5. The old CX trick was to trim down the ends of the bars, by a couple of inches, so that the shifters weren't knocked by knees when out of the saddle
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  6. raleighnut

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    On 3 Wheels
    It's pretty easy to fit bar ends into bullhorns, I used interrupter brake levers fitted backwards on the TT bike (I couldn't get on with the aero extensions ) DSCN0057.JPG
  7. yadder

    yadder Well-Known Member

    Kharkov. Ukraine
    Like it topic! Thanks for idea for my Schwinn clear creek. Now i now what i made ))
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