1. Juliansou

    Advice on conversion kits please

    Hi all, I'm hoping to pick the brains of those far more experienced than me! I’m looking to convert my Elephant bike (refurbished Royal Mail bike) to an ebike - photo attached. It’s a pretty robust steel frame made by Pashley, weighing in at at hefty 23kg! The main issue I can see is that it’s...
  2. Pedropete

    SOLD: Kona Ute cargo bike

    ******* NOW SOLD ********** Kona Ute MkII (2011), 18" ******* NOW SOLD **********
  3. JPBoothy

    A few quick SS conversion questions

    Firstly, let me apologise for being too impatient to trawl through the many SS/Fixie threads (which I'm sure already contain the answers) but, as always your knowledge and experience would be greatly appreciated. I have decided after many months of pondering to convert one of my two Cannondale...
  4. cyberknight

    Drop bar conversion

    Drop bar conversion on a carrera subway Using bar end shifters and linear brake levers for the disk brakes city jet 26x1.5 tyres Used as a omfg its crap weather commuter but tbh only got used a handful of times a year so i need to sell it to make space for N+1 includes a spare new set of tyres...
  5. S

    Old mtb to tourer conversion, need a little advice.

    I have a 20-something year old Trek 6000 which has, at various times, been my play bike, commuter bike, exercise machine and London transport alternative. I really don't see myself doing any real mountain biking stuff in the foreseeable so the bike has become my exercise and grocery shopping...
  6. Archie_tect

    SWYTCH e-assist conversion pack -any thoughts?

    Just been sent this link- anyone heard of Swytch, haven\'t checked out the site yet but it sounds too good to be true...
  7. Landsurfer

    Conversion Plates for 540 type SPD Pedals

    Does anyone make a plate that clips into a MTB type Shimano SPD pedal that allows standard trainers to be worn ? Would like to go for short rides with the girls (10 & 8) without wearing my cycle shoes. I know there are dual type pedals available but just looking for a simple conversion plate...
  8. roundisland

    Surly Long Haul Disk Trucker ebike conversion

    Hi all it’s been sometime since I’ve posted in the forum. Had a year of bad health usual stuff lost weight and muscle wastage. Ive decided get myself back into cycling to help I’ve converted my Surly LHT Using a bafang 250w mid drive motor connected to a 17 amp hr battery. Had my first ride...
  9. S

    Review of a Cheap Chinese eBay Conversion Kit

    I did a DIY conversion of my Brompton ( which uses two small bottle batteries rather than one larger one so that it fits on the Brompton without affecting the fold. It then occurred to me that buying two batteries meant I...
  10. S

    Variation on a Nano conversion

    I've just done a Nano-based conversion of my 2006 Brompton, but I did not want to use the Nano electrified luggage block/converted bag system, but instead to have the battery mounted somewhere on the frame. I found a 36v bottle battery on eBay that is smaller than the usual ones, at 5.6Ah, so a...
  11. CXRAndy

    Ebike Conversion

    I've undertaken the task of converting my wife's new Genesis Columbia to an ebike. Its I think a good candidate with being steel frame, internal gear Shimano hub with disc brakes I did a little research of battery sizes available and made a guesstimate if the battery would locate in the frame...
  12. Trevrev

    Single chainring conversion. New thread!

    Hello everyone, I've got a specialized Crosstrail elite. I want to get rid of the front Mech and go for a single front chainring. It's a 68mm BB shell but needs a 73mm BB with spacers. It currently has a FSA Modular VDrive Crankset, 44/32T. 10 speed chain! FSA do a Modular single chainring which...
  13. Trevrev

    Single chainring conversion

    Hello guys, I'm looking at changing my Specialized Crosstrail elite to single chain ring. Never use the granny ring and I like the simplicity of single. To be able to keep my chainring at 44T, Maybe even increase it slightly, with a narrow wide chainring, It looks like i'll have to use a Road...
  14. DaddyPaddey

    Genesis [with Alfine 8 hub gears] conversion

    Is it possible/practical to convert my Day One to a Steps system? I really don't want a hub motor, so if the Steps is a 'no go' is there an alternative?
  15. woodbutcher

    Uniglide to Hyperglide conversion

    I am going to attempt (and that is putting it mildly) a body swap using the guts of a 7speed Uniglide into the body of a 7speed Hyperglide . If it works it will be fitted to my Vitus 979 rebuild. Has anyone done this type of thing and if so would you share the experience ? Pitfalls and all :smile:
  16. ukoldschool

    cheap mudguard wheel conversion...

    Here’s a cheap hack. I had a pair of the standard Brompton roller wheels lying around after changing for eazy wheels, so I drilled out the river to remove the standard single roller, then found some threaded bar, nuts, washers and 3 spacers (from inside skateboard wheels), drilled out the...
  17. M

    Conversion advice

    My wife doesn't like cycling as much as she should, even to get around town. I think an ebike conversion for her Trek ladies hybrid might help. It is a mixte style steel frame with steel forks and 3x7 speed on 700c wheels What are the options for conversions ?
  18. nickAKA

    Looking for some Claris 3x8 brifters (or equivalent?) for a flat bar conversion

    As the title, after some brifters to convert a flat bar hybrid to drops, but I'm open to suggestions on the exact config... if you've bought the gear to convert something similar but never got around to doing it and fancy offloading it, come at me, bro :okay: Not bought anything yet so looking...
  19. C

    Flat to drop conversion questions

    I've read through a few of the other conversion threads but either I missed it or I didn't find the exact answer. I'm thinking seriously of converting my flat bar '97 Marin Bear Valley to drops due to getting some hand discomfort over longer rides, which I don't get on drops. It's a 7 speed...
  20. Sara_H

    Doggyhut Stroller Conversion Kit

    Hello all, We have a large Doggyhut bike trailer for our old Labrador. They're now sold with a stroller conversion kit, to turn the trailer into a pushchair. I'd like one of these so that I can use the trailer to get the dog to the vets if my OH is away with the car. Unfortunately you can't buy...
  21. DCBassman

    Scott AFD Expert flat bar hybrid conversion thread

    OK, this seems to be the best way to go about this subject. I'm accumulating the parts and tools at the moment, as well as the knowledge. Hopefully, I won't try anything too stupid... The idea is not just to go flat bar, but to use this rather nice alloy frame as wide-geared lightweight hybrid...
  22. Trevrev

    Single Chainring conversion.

    Hello fellow cycling friends. I've just cleaned up my old Kona Dew Delux that's been hanging around in my shed. Thought i'd lose the triple front chainring and go single. I never use the smaller rings. Makes sense. Looks tidier too. Ok, Too simple. Moved the large 48 tooth ring to where the...
  23. beatlejuice

    Suggestions for an eBike conversion kit for a Dohan Speed 7

    If someone has done a conversion on a Dohan with 20" wheel please tell me know how it went and what it is like to use please.
  24. confusedcyclist

    BAFANG BBS01 vs MM G520.250

    I'm planning a DIY mountain bike hardtail e-bike conversion. One of the most popular mid drive systems, the Bafang BBS01 seems to have had an update, but this doesn't appear to be available yet in the UK as far as ebay/google shopping is concerned. Has anyone tried the new system, or knows...
  25. dodgy

    eBike conversion for an Alfine bike

    Been reading this sub-forum a bit of late, suddenly occurred to me that my currently unused Genesis Day One Alfine might make for a great conversion project. Anyone done similar?
  26. chriscross1966

    Henriettas 11-speed conversion

    Henrietta at Heelis by chriscross1966 posted 22 Jan 2017 at 15:19 First 11-speed setup with the 60T chainring on the Campagnolo Centaur Carbon Compact crankset... weirdly nearly all of this is likely to get replaced except for the rim and spokes... there's a titanium triangle coming and a black...
  27. ChrisEyles

    1x8 cheapo conversion

    My "new" Marin full susser is going to need the drivetrain replacing sometime in the near-ish future, and I'm pondering whether to look for a nice retro triple crankset, or to keep the current cranks and go to a single chainring on the front. The front shifter is currently broken so I'm riding...
  28. stearman65

    Tracer trike Conversion from fixed to 6 gear.

    I've begun a thread on this in the motability forum, but thought this was a more appropriate place for an answer. The rear fixed sprocket is 105mm dia' over the teeth (not sure how many teeth) it will/ could take 140mm dia'. The front chain wheel with the pedals is 80mm dia' & could take 130mm...
  29. RGJCPU

    Drop Bar Conversion on the Cheap...Help

    Let me just state for the record I'm relatively new to modern day cycling. I bought a Vilano Diverse 3.0 for $265.00. Money is tight and I want to get back into shape. I love the bike accept for the flat bar. I grew up with drop bars and I prefer them over flat bars. I have spent well over...

    Cheap ebay elec bike conversion kits,any good?

    Hello all, I'm exploring the posibility of building up an electric bike for my wife to use whilst we are away camping or caravaning . We will only need to cover short distances 2 miles max at a time to a local pub for a couple of beers and a meal (at present I have to drive and cannot sample...
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