Surly Long Haul Disk Trucker ebike conversion


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Hi all it’s been sometime since I’ve posted in the forum. Had a year of bad health usual stuff lost weight and muscle wastage. Ive decided get myself back into cycling to help I’ve converted my Surly LHT Using a bafang 250w mid drive motor connected to a 17 amp hr battery. Had my first ride out today completed 29 miles with over 75 % of the battery left. I found it useful on the hills to take the sting out, I used it sparingly on the flat. The gearing is now not so good only having one front 44 t chain ring. If fb I’m loaded up for touring it could be tough on hills should the battery be flat. I was thinking of converting to Rohlof rear hub although there very expensive. I was wondering if buying a bike off eBay with Rohloff already installed taking it off then fitting to my bike. Get the donor bike set up with a derailleur and reselling. To get some money back. If you got this far thanks for reading any thoughts on the Rohloff much appreciated.
A Rohloff would add weight because you are not losing two rings of a triple up front to compensate.

There is no hub gear that comes close to the range of a Rohloff, so with careful selection of rings, it ought to give the range you seek.
Move to an 11 speed rear cassette with an 11-50 tooth range, new derailleur and shifters maybe required too but much cheaper than a Rohloff in the short term?
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