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Cycliste en formation
I have to drop the car off for its MOT this morning. I've put the bike in the boot so I get a 2.5 miles bimble back home.


Vice Admiral
Hmm... the eternal dilemma.

A client has asked to be given more responsibility and work in a situation where they have less supervision.

So... will the extra responsibility help them develop or not? and if not, how difficult will it be to pick up the pieces?
Is it slightly more responsibility, or a whole chunk more? Will they put other clients at risk?

Of course you know the answers, so just be brief please.


Grumblin at Garmin on the Granny Gear
Made with cocoa? Or proper chocolate? I've given up on the instant hot chocs - they all seem to taste so bleurgh...
The chocolates for my coffee machine are rather good, but they don't make a mug full. Happily not Cadbury's
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