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's not :rain: here either...

Feel soooo :tired:
Sleeep, sleeeep sleeeep...


A good day's racing from Thruxton, very entertaining. Won't spoiler just in case @Jenkins hasn't watched any of it it yet.

Now sitting back with a :cuppa: and a sneaky late night bag of crisps.
Don't worry about spoilers - my only multi-tasking ability is to be at one race meeting while keeping an eye on the results from another. I've got the BTCC on my Sky box to watch over the next few evenings.
I'm looking forward to the mini race - from comments elsewhere it was a corker (which 'proper' mini races usually are)
Both Mini races were pretty good - didn't know where to look, there was so much going on. But as a Mini owner and aficionado, I would say that, wouldn't I? :biggrin:

I've just made a hot chocolate, but my concession to heallthy living was to use semi-skimmed milk instead of the full fat stuff I have with cereals!
Made with cocoa? Or proper chocolate? I've given up on the instant hot chocs - they all seem to taste so bleurgh...
After a busy racing weekend, I have decided to rest today - body is hurting in various places :thumbsdown:, maybe go for a walk and get some yoga in before run intervals tomorrow....:hyper:
Now I feel even more of a wuss: I didn't even manage 100k to Tübingen and back this weekend, and I've been wanting to do that since January...
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