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I thought I will have few days off between my current (well ... previous now) job and the new one. Yeah dream on - "are you ok to start tomorrow?" Cannot complain though as it's a welcome change.


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Was there smoke coming from them ? :whistle:
If imbibing in pepper-up potion, then yes, there would be. :crazy:
In that case smoke would come from another part of the body. :shy:
How strange ! :wacko:
I have been tinkering round in my backyard working on a bike whilst listening out for the postman.
From time to time I popped round the front to check when I heard someone out the front. But no luck!
I came indoors and went upstair for a couple of minutes. When I came down there was a parcel on my chair ! :ohmy:. I'm sure it wasn't there before ! :wacko:
Perhaps my wife had picked it up, but she was still out shopping ! :wacko:
The only way I think it arrived there is that the postman lobbed it through an open window and it landed in my chair ! :smile:

The parcel is a rear derailleur that I bought on the bay ! :smile:


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Whoops, just found out that one of the folk who came out on the ride on Sunday on the Tameside MTB trails had broken their ankle when they fell off ! She was limping a bit at the end.
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