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Well, that curry was surprisingly good given the somewhat unexpected selection of veggies; turnip, parsnip, carrot, celery, green beans and cannellini beans. Mind, the tikka masala sauce was made from scratch. :becool: Pilau rice and poppadoms on the side. ^_^
It is a sunny start here. There doesn't appear to be as much frost as yesterday , the cars are clear of frost but the back lawn looks frosty .
Feeling a bit sore in places and have a lovely purple bruise on my inner thigh .
It was lovely seeing that Kingfisher yesterday. I first heard a whistle and thought that it sounded like one and as I went to look over the side of the bridge it flew off down the river .


Smile a mile bike provider
Ouch ! That hurt .
"Look what all those negative waves have done Moriarty!"
My wife has been saying not to have an accident .
I was starting off on a gradient and standing on the pedals to power away when all of a sudden the left hand pedal fell off ! No warning ! Just a sudden Ooh! Crash bang bouncy bouncy ouchy hurt!
My crash helmet hit the ground with a bang with my head in it . I got up quickly and looked to see what had happened and saw the pedal was missing . It was lying in the road a few yards away. A woman walking by stopped to ask if I was alright . I said that I was fine . Mainly embarrassed that I had witnesses to see me fall off .
I picked up my bike , collected the pedal and tried to put it back on . It wouldn't go back on as the thread needed cleaning out . I tried to cycle back using just the one pedal but discovered that the bars were loose . I walked to a park bench and called for a breakdown . She was just about to go and do some gardening .
I have a graze on my left elbow and a bruise the size of an egg on the inside of my right thigh .
On the Plus side I saw a Kingfisher at Reybridge. Seeing that bright blue bird flying along the river was worth the pain .
Ouch hope the bruises are ok today . Roadside repair is to find a branch and push that into pedal hole and use that seen it done a few times
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