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Ouch hope the bruises are ok today . Roadside repair is to find a branch and push that into pedal hole and use that seen it done a few times
Ooh! Another whittling project! I had my Swiss Army knife with me to tighten up the screw holding the front gear changer.
That is a good idea but sadly my handlebars had come loose and were useless at steering . I almost crashed again as I tried to pedal using one leg .
Just got a call from the future boss: Start of work is postponed one month, but I still have a job. Now I need to make sure I still have an apartment...

I asked about the holiday, boss says he chose the wrong time to go to the USA...
Landlady says they can wait a month. They're only renting the apartment to me as I'm a friend of their son in law, so they wouldn't have put it on the market anyway after some previous tenants changed the locks and trashed the place...

This means I'm set, just need to get the work contract through, signed and returned. Then I can sign for the apartment, and we're good to go.


Just been to M&S..omg fantastic,20 people allowed fully stocked car par empty.

Morrisons looks a lot busier but we're just sticking to m&s

I could get used to this :smile:


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Well well well.I had cleared the guttering,cleaned the bay window.I had cleaned the lower windows down the side.I had cleaned the two panes of glass in the Everest kitchen door.I had just finished the little windows on the outside of the small conservatory.The door anf two large panes were left to do.Mrs P appears,ARE WE GOING CYCLING.yes after i have done these three,oh leave them you can do those later.

I think Mrs P is a keeper.30 years on June 30th.
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