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Landlady says they can wait a month. They're only renting the apartment to me as I'm a friend of their son in law, so they wouldn't have put it on the market anyway after some previous tenants changed the locks and trashed the place...

This means I'm set, just need to get the work contract through, signed and returned. Then I can sign for the apartment, and we're good to go.
Glad it’s all coming together for you Andy. Once the current crisis passes, you’ll be set to start. If the job works out, how long until you move the family out?

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Do other peeps have problems with traffic lights ?
I have a set at a tunnel under the railway which don't seem to recognise cyclists. I usually have to wait for a motorist to come along to trigger them . Yesterday I went via a different route as with the shut down I could have been waiting there all day .
Yes, the set at Shelton on the old Shrewsbury bypass often doesn't recognise me. Frustrating as the sequence is set up so it'll miss out the approaches where it thinks there is no traffic.

Just catching up after a day without logging in. 79 alerts since I was last here.:ohmy: The day off was partly caused by having to have a new boiler fitted. Don't they always time it well to pack up?:laugh:

While the guys were here they got the call to say the business was shutting down until further notice so we were lucky to be the last job completed.


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Lovely ride today. Was very social and kissed and hugged everyone I met.......... No in reality I waved and smiled at the dogs out walking, ignored what little traffic was out. Did see a brand spanking new Aston Martin DBX, £168 thousand before "optional extras"!!!
And as I was heading out of Cowbridge I saw Geraint Thomas going in, [opposite direction to me.] I'm always afraid to say "Hi", I waved at him, but did no more. Still embarrassed at my previous meeting where I bored him with, "when I've had my knee replaced...... Get back into cycling....... You have a lovely bike etc". Without ever realising who it was till I was safely in Waitrose!!!:whistle:
@Reynard - Do you have a recipe in your repertoire for soda bread made using yoghurt instead of lemons? I think I have used the lemon juice to sour the milk, so as to not to need yeast. Do you know what I mean? :scratch:
Hmm, the recipe I use has buttermilk (can also use ordinary milk), bicarb and cream of tartar. Not a lemon in sight.

You still have to use a raising agent regardless (see above) or else you'll end up with a house brick. It's just like making scones really, mix dry ingredients first, then add the liquid, work quickly and only knead lightly.

My recipe is this one:

350g wholemeal or brown flour
250g plain flour
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon bicarb
2 teaspoons cream of tartar
300 ml milk
Four tablespoons water (may need more depending on flour)

Sift plain flour, salt and raising agents into a bowl. Stir in the wholemeal flour. Add the milk and water and mix to a soft dough. Knead lightly on a floured surface, then shape into a large round about 2 inches thick. Place on a floured baking sheet, cut a deep cross on the loaf, sprinkle top with flour. Bake for 25 to 30 mins in preheated oven 220c / gas 7. Cool on wire rack.

Glad it’s all coming together for you Andy. Once the current crisis passes, you’ll be set to start. If the job works out, how long until you move the family out?
Thanks @LeetleGreyCells. I'm not sure how we'll deal with that step, partly because Middle Son has exams in Sept 2021, so it may be too much upheaval after this year. The organisation also has smaller shops and workshops in more rural areas so I may apply to work there if an opening comes up: I'm happy to start where I'll be working in May, but I don't see it as a long term prospect...

We'll see how things roll...
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Whatever happened to the 'News Too Exciting For The Mundane Thread' btw?:reading:🙃
It's still around waiting for contributions:
Bike ride done. Was good to get out, but not the best ride I've ever had.

Will have to re-think my routes, because there were far too many people out and about in Pymoor and clueless occasional cyclists in large groups wibbly-wobblying all the way across the road... :angry: I had to yell at some to ride in single file to maintain proper social distancing, as the roads there are quite narrow, even more so with cars now parked on both sides. :angry:

Usually I can ride through Pymoor without seeing a soul, never mind another cyclist. That's fecked my rides out in that direction. :angry:

Looks like I'll have to stay on the Ely side of Littleport to avoid the hoi polloi. I don't mind riding along main roads, so that's always an option.
There i was out walking my dog this afternoon,when a police car pulled up beside me. Fearing i was going to get some big brother/1984 roadside interrogation about why i was out,i stood still while the copper wound his window down.:unsure: "Excuse me sir can i ask...where did you get that velvet jacket from? It looks so :becool:"!


I gave him the website address after complementing him on his taste and left him to carry on his way.^_^
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