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Anyways, I'll sleep on it.

Nunnight one and all xxx :hello:
Bed 'd be better for the back!

My new model of a Gulf Ford GT 40 arrived this afternoon .
I have spent most of the day trying to figure out how to get a picture from one computer on to my 1995 I Mac so that I can play at altering the picture . It has been a long process . I dug my computer out of my wardrobe . It still works ! I managed to get the picture onto a USB stick but the Mac wouldn't recognize it . I then used our old laptop to burn the picture onto a CD and transferred it to my Mac . I now need to remember how to use the Photoshop bit . :wacko:
You could just download the Gimp. It's an open access photoshop clone; I've been using it for years.
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Well that was a strange nights sleep , I think I could do it all over again.
Bin day today
Eeek! Mine too and I haven't put it out yet! I'll wait until it gets light though 😊

EDIT: A quick glance out the window reveals that nobody else has put bins out. They have been messing around with the collection days since Christmas so I'll have to ask a neighbour which day the council are collecting this week.
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There's polishing - and then there's this guy! :

I have a few bikes he can practice on if he wants :laugh:

Good old black bucket in action at chez biggs ^_^
Yu could just download the Gimp. It's an open access photoshop clone; I've been using of for years.
Thanks but it is a bit late now. I have been thinking of alternative ways of manipulating the picture . One way was to actually cut and paste and colour in the missing bits .
It was nice to dig my Mac out. I have forgotten how to use it but it has memory and a cd read / writer .
Having truly horrible problems getting the rear view and side views of the Higman to match on the scale drawing. :cry:

I suspect the numbers I've been given for wheelbase and chassis width aren't the right ones. Either the wheelbase isn't 78 inches, or the chassis width isn't 29 inches or they're *both* something else.

So I've asked a friend who wrote the book on Superstox racing. Literally. Will see what he says.
Do you know the wheel size ? Are they 13 inch ? If you know the wheel size you should be able calculate the wheelbase .
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