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I'm struggling to stay awake and am also a bit creaky following an afternoon of lumberjilling, so I'm going to head off to the Land of Nod via the intermediate stations of Wooden Hill and Hot Bath.

Nunnight one and all xxx :hello:
right behind you, just had my 2nd helpings of Thanksgiving feast & deserts
I'll do a cold start test again when we get back home later
gave it a test start & let it run on it's own for 5-7 minutes. the cold Camry started & kept running on it's own, then the high idle kicked in on it's own, then settled back down after a cpl minutes on it's own. never had to throttle it to keep it going. my work is done here
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Funny you should say that, Tina was just telling me the same thing.

Now, Morten Harkett says he wants to take on me? Does he mean take me on? What does he mean?!
Is he applying for a job that you posted ? :wacko: Perhaps he is applying for the job you posted in a local shop window for someone to find something for you ? His group seemed to be very good at finding things . Aha ! :whistle:
God save the queen?
Does remind me of the English guy who went to a Trade Fair in Paris with hats emblazoned with a Union Jack and wondered why he did not make any sales.:laugh:
Only one very early ferry sailing to and from Oban this morning due to the weather forecast. Review at midday. Not too bad where I am so far as just a bit windy but sunshine at the moment.
Calmac say day trips are not advised.:wacko:
This means no couriers or post today. Hermes say my new shoes from Chain Reaction/Wiggle have been at their Derby depot since last Saturday. The local courier who could have them only delivers Friday and Tuesday at the moment.


Grumblin at Garmin on the Granny Gear
Today is Chewsday.

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