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our Son has come home for a few days & the '94 Camry he inherited from my Dad is acting up. stalls after cold starts. I know what it is. every cpl of years I have to clean the idle air control valve inside the throttle body to bring back the idle. a little carb cleaner down the little front port should do the trick. I'll wipe down all of the throttle body that I can reach as well

got it done & got the high idle back. gonna rain tomorrow so ... Thanksgiving morning ... looks like it could use more cleaning but the air intake port is good enough for now
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probably shouldn't be using a metal screwdriver to open butterfly valve, oops. but the scratches don't seem too harmful
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I'll do a cold start test again when we get back home later
Today i have had a prostate blood test.Wanting to know more about it i searched Google with the extreme peeing.Ha ha:ohmy::rolleyes::wacko: i did not open any of the pages.Excessive peeing got me what info i needed.
maybe if you're lucky Mrs. Postman will give a massage when you get home


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So, the medic who saw me did not wear a mask, did not know that 17:45 was also 5.45pm, insisted that I fill in another informed consent form saying it was different (it was the same version with the same version date), and then, when I started filling in a form that I'd already filled in, told me that my initials were not acceptable and that I had to write my initials properly. I've always used the same initials and they've never been unacceptable before. I walked out. They're not having my blood!


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I'm watching Heartbeat again.
Me too hence the music. A bit of a boogie gets the blood pumping.

Now Chris Issac tells me he'd never dreamed he'd meet somebody like me. Apparently, he doesn't want to fall in love. It's a wicked game.
Hmmmm, now there's one of my favourite driving tracks. Best listened to late at night on an empty dual carriageway, where it's just you, the car and the road. :smile:
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