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Cake or ice cream? The choice is endless ...
Oh kitchen went out completely a couple of days ago.....I better search the house! :laugh:
Not sure about Scottish aliens, but south of the border, a tin foil hat is a good first line of defence 👍


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Got myself outside eventually.
Bitterly cold wind and a light sprinkle of snow on the highest tops I can see from my house. I will not attempt the names as they are about a sentence long in gaelic.
Went to put fresh flowers on my wife's grave. Artificial ones of course as the deer eat anything organic. Some people have not yet learned that and there is a scattering of stems left where the flowers have been eaten.:sad:
I notice that graves which start off being overdecorated are the most neglected very soon after.
Topped up the car with diesel at 152.9 today. Highest it has been so far but in theory a full tank will take me on a long run up to about 700 miles. I prefer to keep a fairly full tank as if I have a trip off island and need to take a long route it can be a long way before any fuel stations.
our prodigal (not really) Son has come to stay for 4 or 5 nights & I need to clean the air intake control port on the throttle body of his '94 Camry that he inherited from my Father. ah family


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I am missing @Andy in Germany :sad:

He has been absent for nearly a month and I very much hope that he and his family are all well. He might, of course, have been just taking a break.
Anyone else missing him?
I've found myself thinking about where he'd got to, and did a search yesterday to see when he was last logged in. As you say, it's almost a month now. Likewise, I hope they're all fine.
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