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Now it's started to brighten up, it looks like we're in for the third day in a row of blue skies and sunshine instead of the foggy or misty weather that was forecast.
Heavy cloud and light winds forecast so may get out triking today.
More ferry cancellations allegedly due to covid. The same ones get cancelled most weeks for a variety of reasons but not a breakdown. If there is a mechanical problem they have to refund fares and any extra expense but not for other problems beyond their control.
One of the small ferries is off as well due to a crew member having a positive test result.
Started packing in slow time for the move. Might leave caging the cats and dog and crating the twins till last.


Grumblin at Garmin on the Granny Gear
I think it's time that I kept my appointment with the mattress😴

I feel like that.

I think you got the fog that was supposed to be happening here...

There seemed to be some forming last night, it had gone by the time I got up.

In other news, my internet went down last night.
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