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Sa if we don't have enough horses there is another one arriving fro Germany tomorrow . So today we are preparing her new quarters , there has to be a good reason why dragging a bathtub behind the quad is necessary or is it just that my partner is an eccentric Swede ?^_^

Lovely day though...

Frosted trees , sunshine and blue skies great ! minus 4deg C. first thing this am , not so funny ^_^


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I can see clearly now as I have picked up my new specs :becool:
Has the rain gone?
As it was sunny this afternoon I decided to go for a ride on my Carlton Clubman . I took it steady as there could have been some ice lurking in the shadows . I made to my brother's and back safely . I stopped off a few times to look at the view. It also let me have a bit of a breather. I haven't quite fully recovered from the past few days of not feeling too special . We have got lovely clear blue sky and bright sunshine here .
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Still foggy here.

So I have been tidying the Speicher Towers shop fabric and wool cupboard. It was last tidied about two years ago. Now that the material has been folded properly and neatly, I can see what is there, and there is space to see what is there. It is not all "new" fabric, there is a fair amount of shirts, dresses and skirts that are too small, but are in lovely colours of cotton fabric. I have tried to put similar types of fabric and similar colours together, to combine the fabric in one garment. Lots of examples of that can be found on Pinterest.

The table I use the sewing machine on, is very nearly clear of clutter, except for the things I need for sewing. ^_^

In further news, a very nice (recommended) man was here this afternoon to measure up for some new stand alone wardrobes. It is something I meant to do years ago, but needed to give my brother some financial assistance. Long story short, he is not good with sums and money, and he only paid back about one quarter of the amount. Still, brothers do that sort of thing don't they.


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In other, more important news, there is no news on George. :sad:

I know from experience that when I have a close relative in hospital, I do not want lots of phone calls. I would know that people care, but constantly answering the phone makes a difficult situation worse.

George's week in hospital ends on Monday. Would other people wait patiently to hear news, or make a phone call. I do not intend to enquire by email, far too impersonal.
Brrrrrrrr, that was a cold one... Good to get out on the bike, however.

8 mile round trip to Littleport with Wiggy #2, the Chartres. Full winter gear on, and was only just about warm enough. Here in the fens, once the sun goes down, the temperature plummets. Lots of ice on the road, and I followed a gritter for a ways - at a distance though, I've learned the hard way not to follow a gritter too closely while out on the bike... :whistle:

Now thawing out by the fire. I have a :cuppa: and some chocolate Lebkuchen.
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