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Still foggy here.


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Got out for a short trike run. At sea level it was ok but once higher up there was still very wet mist so did not linger.
Wanted to get out to test my front mech after having to reset it in freezing cold conditions last week.
I got caught out in top gear climbing an uphill with a blind summit when a car appeared and I had to stop suddenly in a passing place. Needed to reverse back down a bit to get started and change down which did not go well. The mech looked ok but the chain kept falling off the middle and big ring. The mech must have moved on the mounting tube which took me a while to work out.
Seems to work ok after my bodging.
Chilly, still and sunny here chez Casa Reynard. The frost has melted off the car, but not yet off the house and garage rooves. Another day of not having the fog that was forecast.

A reasonable night's sleep was had. Could've been better, could've been worse. And I've had a kitchen morning. Curry night here, have been making my sweet potato & parsnip tikka masala. :hungry:

Have also found a mahogany display box with a glass front, which I think will be ideal for the race boots when they arrive. I have several contemporary photos (1998 BTCC) that could go in there as well. The letter of provenance is Derek at his self-deprecating best. Was worth getting the lot just for that, you really get a sense of the man through his words. :wub:

Anyways, it is almost time for luncheon.
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