Mundane News

I just ate toast for breakfast.

me too! w/ an omelette on the side ...
Warm & sunny here chez Casa Reynard.

I slept in somewhat. Did a load of laundry this morning, and re-jigged the fridges in the kitchen and utility room. And yes, that pack of cooked chicken I mentioned yesterday is on the product recall list. I shall just bin it.

Had a cheese & pepperoni toastie for lunch, and I watched the Formula E from Berlin. That was a very intriguing and absorbing race. My man came through to 7th from 15th on the grid. And we get to do it all again tomorrow, where they reverse the track layout.

Might sneak in a bicycular bimble before the FA Cup final.


Isle of Mull
Managed to get out for a trike run at last. Wind was forecast to be moderate but more like a small gale.
Really had to work hard uphill against the wind so knackered now. A lot of tourist traffic but mostly small convoys.
The terrified tourists at the front and the frustrated and enraged locals at the back.
Tomorrow looks less wind but higher chance of rain but need to sort out some things in the garden.
My SIL in Denmark says they have rain today for the first time in 14 weeks. She does get a bit muddled sometimes and is recovering from covid which she said was not too bad in her case.
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