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Isle of Mull
Did somebody call? 😃

When I went to work in Mull in 1972 we had a colony of hippies living around a derelict farm building in a variety of caravans, old buses, tents, an ex army assault craft and I seem to remember one pair in an old Volvo. Some remain here as now respectable citizens and none of the recent incomers have any idea of their background. Most seemed to come from well off families and gradually over several years drifted away and in any case the farm was bought by working farmers and they could not stay longer anyway.
The one with the boat who was a talented artist sailed from the Thames by keeping the land on his left hand side until he got here where he moored bow in to the railings in front of the then public toilets.


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Damn, got a puncture in the rear tyre of my bike. And of course all the puncture kit is at home. Gonna be slow walk home then after work.

Most epic puncture repair ever.
Started at almost 3 pm. Finished at 5.15pm.


Got spare tube and pump from manager.
Removed rear wheel, tyre and tube. Found the culprit - tiny piece of metal spike. Took that out too. All that took around 10 minutes.
Tried to pump the new tube a bit.
Pump doesn't work.
After a while messaged to manager that his pump doesn't work.
Help arrived - 2 patrol cars and 5 people.
They tried to pump the tube. Nope.
Then they tried to use electric pump they found in one of the patrol cars. That pump didn't work too (solidarity with manual pump, eh ...)
Supervisor asked me if I've got money with me. Yes I have. "We can take you to Halfords".
I jumped in the security patrol car and after a few seconds I asked supervisor if he can take me home instead and I'll grab my puncture repair kit. Yup, no problem.
Came home, grabbed my kit and we went back to work. I tried my best not to puke all over the car as supervisor speed up from 0 mph to 10000 whatever mph in a fraction of a second (that's electric car for you).
Relaxed about 5 minutes while my intestines got back from my throat into their designated place in my stomach.
Changed the tube, pumped it - all done in 10 minutes.

All this because I didn't have puncture repair kit with me. Don't know why I kept it at home. Ignorance, laziness or both.


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I did some touching up on my bike . Georgie is inspecting it .


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Isle of Mull
Thats an excellent bit of parking:laugh: I did like the one thats reported here, his preferred route was closed due to roadworks so he tried to rat run some small streets and got his arctic stuck for 12 hours.

I thought satnav were more sophisticated these days as that sort of thing used to happen a lot. May be he did not have one or did not look at it as ones for motorhomes etc give warning about potential hazards.


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That was a very enjoyable FA Cup final for the neutral to watch.

A fantastic game of football, and I think (just) the right winners in the end.

I have a problem with having to have a winner. 0 - 0 at full time, 0 - 0 after extra time. No goals to separate the two teams. In my head, that was a draw. Similar to the England v New Zealand World ODI final. Scores tied at the end of the game, play a concocted ''superover'' and still the scores are tied, play another superover and still end up with the scores tied. That, in my mind was a tie - three times a tie - but they have to have a winner on some arbitrary rule about boundaries scored.

But, there again, I don't get that the red team played in red and the blue team played in yellow. Unless the referee is chromatically challenged, of course.
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