My 1st Close Overtake with Helmet Cam X262 XBX Bromley Mini Coach



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jonny jeez said:
Manalog, next time...maybe avoid the Vale all together and take a turning next to the concert halls into the cator estate (Blackheath park), first left by the church into Pond road gives a nice long downhill run to the pond on South row (by the old Clarendon Hotel...where you were heading on the vid) avoids the nasty climb up the vale in heavy traffic (with all the different junctions to contend with) and is very pretty this time of year.

Back to the vid, it was a very close pass, I didnt think enough room existed for him to fit past and was shocked that he popped into frame!
Thanks for the advice Jonny Jeez, it makes sense now. This is probably the reason why I don't see many cyclist using Lee Road and The Vale, this route is up and down!


hackbike 666 said:
Yes it does look very close.Pretty poor driving.
Bloody insect. i actually tried to work out whether it was inside my screen or on the surface. :blush:

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