My Boss is an a-hole

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by Crankarm, 16 Aug 2012.

  1. Crankarm

    Crankarm Guru

    Nr Cambridge
    I don't get a good morning, just a grimace and if I am lucky a scowl when he unlocks the door to let me in. This heathen has no manners. Within minutes he has found some totally insignificant thing to shout at me about, whether it is anything to do with me or not, or drag me into his office to threaten me that he will contact HR, cut my hours or replace me. And yet he doesn't cos he knows I am professional and do a good job and it would cost him a lot of time and money to train some one else which he has admitted to me, not complimenting me that I do a good job though. So his campaign of bullying and harassment against me continues. When he is not in work is half ok and when one of his two faced grass assistant managers is not there it borders on enjoyable. I would love to tell my boss where to stick his head where the sun doesn't shine, but until I get another job or win £148 million I am stuck. I try to keep out his way and when he does speak to me rants at me, bite my lip it almost bleeds, keeping what I have to say professional and to the absolute minimum. I was an enthusiastic motivated employee when I joined who achieved a lot quickly, but his management and that of his underlings have changed this so I can't wait to leave.

    How do you get through the day if your boss is an a-hole?
  2. Octet

    Octet Über Member

    Just a warning, it isn't the most 'Work Friendly' game... probably best not to play it in the office. :whistle:
  3. numbnuts

    numbnuts Legendary Member

    North Baddesley
    if it were me I would find another job, he has bullied you and got away with it as you did not fight back so he will do it again, you either face up to him, put up with it, or find another job
  4. Octet

    Octet Über Member

    I agree, another job does sound like the best option. Or I suppose you could also file a complaint?
    Equally, if you say you are going to leave he might then change, as you mentioned in your post he would have to find another person which would cost him and the business money.
  5. davefb

    davefb Über Member

    that "he will contact HR" ?
    I'd get in there first...

    Good luck with whatever happens, I had to ensure 18months of a what I'd now say was a bullying campaign with a previously "okay" idiot... He would lose anyone who was good enough to go, but I stuck with it because apart from him the job was good ( and paid little less than I get now 15+ years later)...
    +1 what numbnuts said, should have a look round, you never know and certainly looking whilst employed is always better than looking with nothing :-/
  6. SmileyBoots

    SmileyBoots Über Member

    Alternatively I could put you in touch with my friend Paul. He is a solicitor who specialises in workplace bullies. If you want a free chat with Paul let me know.
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  7. Just some thoughts:
    1. Ask him what the problem is.
    2. Contact HR yourself and ask for details of the anti-bullying policy.
    3. Ask him to contact HR and get details of the anti-bullying policy.
    4. Ring ACAS and ask for advice.
    5. There is someone that a GP can arrange for you to see in connection with workplace stress, can't remember the job title though.
    6. Take up Tai Chi. Great for developing that 'Oh well'/relaxed attitude to life.
    7. Kick the crap out of him.
  8. marinyork

    marinyork Resting in suspended Animation

    I sympathise crankarm, had a lot of problems at work recently myself, but not from the boss. It can be virtually impossible to sort out.

    I get round it by not having the same job all the time.
  9. OP

    Crankarm Guru

    Nr Cambridge
    I have stood up to him. A few months agohe drafted a document which I refused to sign in which he has claimed I threatened him (not physically) as when a customer wanted to place a large order my boss told me to tell the customer that his assistant manager who deals with group sales wasn't in and would contact the customer when they returned later in the day despite the customer wanting to place the order and pay there and then. The order was for several thousand pounds which is quite a lot for our business. The customer dissatisfied that the manager will not speak with them then contacted our head office to complain and I think my boss got it in the neck. He took this out on me. I was really quite scared. His face was white incandescent with rage. He came about 1 inch from my face telling me very menacingly "To be very careful what I said and did". As I say he drafted a document which is totally false and has kept it in my development file. He has also shown it to other colleagues as I became aware that his asst managers knew about it and a supervisor when it should be confidential. I now believe that my colleagues also know about it.

    One morning I arrived at work,was let in, not by him and then when entering the rest room where we congregate before starting, was met not with "Hi, Good morning ......." but "WTF have YOU got in your bag?!!!!" My Brompton bag was quite full - a change of clothes and food. What a way to great your staff.

    There are so many other incidents almost daily where he is having a go, a dig at me.

    The guy is a complete a-hole.
  10. OP

    Crankarm Guru

    Nr Cambridge
    Very violent. Not sure I would want to do any of that even if just fantasising. But thanks.
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  11. Drago

    Drago Guru

    My boss only shouted at me once, then discovered quickly that all that scrambled egg on his shoulders would actually give him zero protection from the large power lifter that was suddenly inches from his face.

    I hate rudeness, especially rudeness verging on bullying. Unfortunately, there's a culture of it in my job, people who erroneously think a bit of rank authorises them to treat people like s***. I won't stand for it. You wouldn't walk up Ti a bloke in the street with 19" pipes and a 54" chest and be rude to him, so what makes these idiots think that type of behaviour is ok at work?

  12. martint235

    martint235 Dog on a bike

    Hmm, I quite enjoyed that. It's a good job I get on with my boss though. The last one I had that upset me I just told him to f*** off back to his own desk and leave me alone.

    I would have a chat to HR and see what they say. If they won't help then unfortunately it's probably time to look for a new job. There's no point making yourself ill (which is likely to happen) just to work there.
  13. OP

    Crankarm Guru

    Nr Cambridge
    I have considered this. There is likely to only be one outcome if I do this, even if the company did consider his conduct toward me was unsatisfactory then it would still probably mean end of job as they would take the view that the easiest option would be to get rid of me as I couldn't go on working at their site in Cambridge. A company can make up any excuse to get rid of an employee if they have been there less than 2 years. I would rather find a job to go to than be out of work looking for another role which would be very hard in the current climate.

    Most of my colleagues are in their early - mid twenties, some are ok. The asst managers are mid twenties and my boss about 5 years younger than me. I am mid forties and have worked in very responsible positions through out my career and excellent qualifications. The role I am doing is well below my capabilities. The boss won't even give me the time to do it in addition to all the other responsibilities that I am expected to do that my colleagues also have to do. I do not receive any extra pay just grief. I even get blamed when things have gone badly wrong where I have had no input. When I try to explain this I am told to stop the "back chat". When I suggest improvements to their systems or how they can save money I am unceremoniously told off in front of colleagues. I can't believe how poor my boss and his management's people skills and manners are. When I was an area supervisor many years a go I never ever treated my staff as poorly, as rudely, as I am treated. If you treat people with courtesy, respect and dignity it will be reciprocated. When I ask for help or support dealing with an issue the boss screws up his face as if to say "WhyTF are you asking me!" The guy is a nightmare to work for and with. I can't do anything right for him even when I have clearly done well he will still find something to criticise me for, to undermine my confidence. The guy is a bully. But right now I need the job as the other option is no job.

    Obviously I wouldn't wish others to be in a similar such situation to me but I was wondering what strategies others have used to get through their day where they have a bullying, domineering, arrogant, unhelpful, unsupportive, obstructive and unco-operative, rude, unpleasant boss?

    Thanks for the replies so far.

    Day off today, hence on here.
  14. tadpole

    tadpole Senior Member

    St George
    Contact HR, arrange a meeting, explain the situation and casually mention "constructive dismissal" do this after finding another "just in case" job
  15. RaRa

    RaRa Well-Known Member

    +1 to this. At the end of the day they look for patterns of behaviour. Right now he is the only one establishing this with drafting false documents and bullying you. You need to speak to your HR rep right now, even if it's off the record. They have a legal responsibility to provide you with a workplace free of harrassment.
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