My ebike but I miss a normal bike


Hi I’m thinking of getting a second bike not really sure what I’m looking for my current bike is a emountain bike which is great i mainly use it on roads and ruff terrain and use for long rides. BuT I just feel guilty that it is a ebike I kind of feel I should be riding a normal bike (hate to say it) I’m often admiringly watching people on them specially when they look a lot older than me. The reason I have a ebike is that so many hills around my area it used to kill me on my old non powered mtb bike that if I’m honest was a bit of a donkey cheapest bike on market at £250

I’m only 38 And keep looking at gravel and road bikes but never been on one, only ever used mountain bikes.. would love just to be able to bike miles without any assistance from a motor and not be terribly fatigued and just enjoy a steady ride I’m not one for racing but like slightly off roading and ruff terrains.

I was looking at a broadman adv 8.9 gravel type bike thinking that might be the sort of bike I need then it just happened I saw some bloke riding past my house on one. Just don’t want to waste money to find it’s going to be killing me again.

Any ideas


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BuT I just feel guilty that it is a ebike
Any ideas
Stop being stupid, sorry to be harsh, nothing to stop you buying another bike if that's what you want to do I have 2x Cube's 1 e 1 not, I don't feel guilty/not guilty about riding either.


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When I went on my ride yesterday, I was going up 13% gradients and thought about how easier it would be on an ebike until I got to the top and then was glad I did it all under my own power, far more satisfying.
Not saying I won't get one eventually but not ready for it yet.


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I've got an ebike - have you bought one yet @gavroche? ;)

I still ride my regular bikes, it's really made no difference. But on days where I can't be arrissed, or where the wind is gusting at 55 mph into my face, the ebike gets wheeled out instead.

Do what's right for you, and you alone - worrying about what other people are getting up to is a waste of life.


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Have one of each. I would if I could.
My dad has both types. We both recently toured across the North of England and he used his unpowered bike. But he does use the ebike when he feels like it.
I do know the feeling of hills killing the enthusiasm for cycling though as I live in a relatively hilly area and tbh, some days I just can't arsed with the amount of work it takes to get up the bloody things.
Have both bikes, enjoy both types of riding :smile:


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No guilt or shame in either, they're just different types of bike. Maybe buy a used gravel or cx bike and ride it for a bit, see if you like it, see if your fitness improves so the hills aren't a problem. If not then stick with the ebike and you won't have wasted a load of money.


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Not saying I won't get one eventually but not ready for it yet.
That really is the attitude I don't understand, "Oh there's nothing wrong with them, but I'm not old & decrepit enough to have one!"


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There is nothing to be guilty of. If you're commuting it makes sense in my eyes to get an e-bike, especially if your job is physically taxing. Why would you work your row out and then go do the same on the way home? The question is, do you enjoy riding your ebike? If the answer is yes, then forget what everyone else thinks...

That being said, if you do want a non assisted bike then get one. Nothing wrong with have either!


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I have one of each too, the Boardman eBike is my weekly commuter, tomorrow will be helping me carry x2 laptops to work along with a D lock and other stuff. The fact once I add in lights/mudguards etc its a 20kg machine matter little with the motor helping me get to work not covered in sweaty, regardless of what the British weather comes up with.

At the weekend (and occasionally sunny weekday), I take my 7.8kg road bike. Its no faster than my eBike, but its so much more fun/responsive.

The latest £1k Boardman roadbikes are fantastic value for money, and will offer a riding experience that's very different from any eBike.

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