My First Magnatom Moment :P

Sam Kennedy

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Today I was cycling to my friends house, and I was going close to 25mph, I noticed a group of girls about to cross at the lights (they were on green for me), they didn't stop at the lights, or look, so I shouted "LOOK!" as loud as I could. Luckily that stopped them, if it didn't, they would have had 70kg of rider + bike hitting them at 25mph...


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Lightweight! I'll have you know Magnatom's at least 90kg!!!!
I think you will find she was trying to get away from you.
I'm going to go home and cry now....;)

Until my new camera turns up of course! :biggrin:

(Arrives tomorrow apparently! :biggrin: Next commute is Tuesday! :biggrin:)
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