My picture of the day-Where's yours?

Discussion in 'Photo Gallery' started by bigjim, 10 Nov 2012.

  1. briantrumpet

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    Devon & Die
    Yup - very much so.
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  2. Datum2

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    Mid afternoon bike ride included part of the perimeter of RAF/USAF Molesworth via a hard surface bridleway. Home to a high security nature reserve by the look of it. I believe they may also be reading Kims il Jongs post here. Anyway its all probably moving to RAF Croughton soon.
    The track on the inside is much better but for some reason they wont let you ride on it!


    edit- all a bit tangled up
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  3. Salty seadog

    Salty seadog Space Cadet...(3rd Class...)

    Holy Ghost Alley in Sandwich.

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  4. Alex H

    Alex H Veteran

  5. A newly cleared off (all foliage removed) 'Boot & Shoe Garage', opposite the old pub of the same name
    Peckfield. Boot & Shoe.  Garage. 2.JPG
    There looks to be a newly located caravan storage/sales/repair business starting there

    This is on the 'old' A1, just by the point where the A63 joins from 'Peckfield Bar'/Leeds
    Locals (or A1 travellers) may remember that there was a flyover here, to join the A1-south

    How it looked 4 years ago
    Peckfield. Boot & Shoe.  Garage. 1.JPG

    Surprisingly. Geograph has none of the 'B & S', but this is the location, as it is now (map below picture)
    The photographed garage is between the Motel, & the B1222 (on the south-bound side)

    EDIT @ 20:05

    1988 map of the area, note flyover marked
    Map 1.JPG

    An old photograph??
    (mid-late 60's?)
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  6. Second admission of the day

    In a a glass-case inside

    Previously there was a 70's Kawasaki in it, a ''Triple' (750, I think?)

    Now this beauty is in there
    Sorry for reflections

    DSCF4423.JPG DSCF4424.JPG
  7. 20180302_115823.jpg Another work-orientated picture..........
  8. Mojonaut

    Mojonaut Über Member

    Out and about offroad during the Beast from the East, just brilliant.



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  9. Mojonaut

    Mojonaut Über Member

    I've done the southern fence reached by going up through Molesworth village, there was a sign pointing to the right, the track was very narrow and lots of overgrowing brambles and rose briars and it came out near the main entrance. When I got home and checked the map that section didn't seem to be bridleway.................... at least I didn't get shot :smile:
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  10. Pontefract
    Tuesday (sorry!!)
    The rear gable of the neglected, ruinous Swales Yard Merchants House:cursing:
    It was the 'Counting House' pub for a few years
    Suspected to date back to the 1400's in parts (& oldest building in Pontefract, after the Church & the Castle)

    Liquorice Way end of the building (Swales Yard, to the right)

    DSCF4412.JPG Pontefract. The Counting House. 4.JPG

    Seen here in better days;

    Liquorice Way plaque

    On the side of what is now a Tattoo parlour

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  11. Alex H

    Alex H Veteran

    National Cycle Route 1, near Warkworth


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  12. I had a ride over to see my buddy/work-collegue Chris, who's been off work for a while with medical problems

    During the visit I took a few pictures in his town

    Hillman Avenger, at a garage on ClunterGate

    The left-hand shop was a photographers/photography show
    It's certainly been closed a while, as the (painted) phone number is '0924'
    The '01...' numbers came into being in 1995 (I checked)


    The right-hand show was a Tobacconists
    It seems as though it's used for something now (storage?), as that window/blind look quite recent, & the door left that way for effect, or to make it look as though there's nothing work breaking in for?

    DSCF4450.JPG DSCF4455.JPG
  13. Salty seadog

    Salty seadog Space Cadet...(3rd Class...)

    See what I mean...?

  14. MossCommuter

    MossCommuter Guru

    Irlam (Salford)
    My first car was a Chrysler 1600 Super Estste
  15. DSC_0019.JPG

    Funny how the world turns sometimes. The black Condor we've had for years but although it fits three people in the house no one rides it. Selling it though, requires fresh powdercoat as the original lacquer has yellowed badly and gone sticky. Weird. Anyway, I stripped it down ready for refinishing and that very day I happened across the blue one in the corner of a friend's workshop and purchased it from him for sixty quid. It's a cross bike which will get some extra braze ons to convert it into a tourer. It was as if holding a bare Condor frame magically attracted another one to me.
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