Nearly pasted by a right hook....


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Just coming back through town from my 10 mile loop home, and coming down Coppergate I'd already tutted at a guy who rode through a red at a pedestrian crossing, and a guy who came past me at the next red, impeding a bus trying to turn into the street, and sat at the corner before crossing on red anyway (It's a narrow street, and a tight corner, hence the Stop line is a little way back, to let long vehicles get round.).

So, just past Marks and Spencers, and coming up to the right turn to Fossgate (I'm going straight on), I move out to overtake the cyclist in front of me - probably doing 10-12 mph. Just as I'm drawing level, he swings out, without a hint of indication, or any look over his shoulder, even a glance, and sideswipes straight into me.

Fortunately, I was giving him a fair bit of room anyway, and I just managed to swing out a bit myself (putting me head on with an oncoming bus for a moment), so that although his handlebars clipped my fingers and our sides collided, and I thought we were going down, we both stayed upright. Cue some colourful language from me, and a suggestion that he ought to indicate sometime.

Lessons for me - perhaps chill a bit more in town, and avoid overtaking, and remember they are all idiots. Lessons for him - Dunno, he looked a bit dopey.

If I'd been driving a car... I suppose he might have heard the engine, but he made no look back at all before moving out, I'm sure of it - if he'd so much as glanced, I wouldn't have gone to overtake.

And breathe.....

Ste T.

Its your own fault. If you had proper fat knobblies on and didn't maintain your drivetrain so much he would have felt you coming, never mind heard you.
You ninja cyclists are all the same ;)
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