Nearly ran over a bin man .....


the tank engine
hmm. Bit like an ice cream van and kids I suppose.

Better that than having the rubbish lorry pull out in front of you.


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hackbike 666 said:
That's nothing,I had a toddler run out in front of me and i should have it on 2 cams.
Not many about at 6.30 am :biggrin:


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I always pass rubbish vans slowly. The bin men provide a very valuable service for us and have to spend much of their job walking in the road. I think you should expect them to be in the road in front of you and ride accordingly.
cyberknight said:
Not many about at 6.30 am :thumbsup:

Perhaps he was half asleep....I remember I startled a ped on one of my 430am commutes...he crossed in front of me without looking and when he was aware I was there he said sorry....I was really sorry I startled him...his eyes were all red and he looked knackered.

Trouble is peds esp down my road tend not to look if they dont hear a car engine noise...of which I can claim I have been guilty of doing as well.
Well I pass the refuse truck every week on my commute (did so this morning) - it's always got its orange flasher going and the men are always wearing hi-viz. And they've got a tough job to do, they're on a tight time-schedule, and their work, of necessity, involves crossing and re-crossing the road many times.

Honestly, seeing as I nearly always see the truck well in advance, I give them a bit of slack and drop my speed accordingly. What does it matter if I lose a few seconds?

And once, a few weeks ago, when I happened to come upon one of these trucks on a very narrow lane, barely wider than the truck itself, the driver saw me in his mirror and went out of his way to pull over to give me room to pass. A courtesy for which I have a lot of respect.

I think if you hit and injured a bin-man, you'd be on a poor defence.



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cyberknight said:
He was on the pavement and just did not look for oncoming traffic he might be valuable but he would be dead if he trys it with a car

Given the situation, a motorist should be watching out for binmen crossing the road and taking care when passing the lorry.
As should cyclists.


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He was probably listening for engine and tyre noise.

A courteous tinkle of your bell would have been all that was needed.
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