New handlebar?


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My Bianchi Pista has track handlebars fitted with a front brake lever fitted near the stem. This handlebar does not give me a lot of confidence especially in traffic. Not sure what 26mm handlebars I should fit? Plain road bar, but would I miss riding on the hoods? Cow horns, but will I feel like I'm riding a TT? What has everyone else fitted?


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I use a pair of drops at the moment however thinking of turning them upside down and cutting them into a pair of bullhorn bars.

Lots of choices here however I am not convinced on the squeeze bar


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I run full tri bars.

Aero base bars with a bar end brake lever and Aero bars in an aggressive setup with a steep stem. I like it, I find it comfortable even over longer distances (30+ mile), but I'd advise if you solely want to zip through traffic to also consider some riser bars (like hipsters use) as it will provide a more upright possition for seeing over traffic and a standard brake lever will always be within reach.

Aero base bars (bullhorns) sometimes have a kink at the end to emulate the hoods riding possition. They allow you to ride both upright (slightly less so than risers) and allow an aero possition without being to aggresive, worth a try.


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I ride whatever-it-came-with ergo drops, mostly on the hoods. If I were to change, it would be for bullhorns, probably with brake(s) mounted on the end so I could ride in the faux-hood position.

People I know who ride track drops mostly ride on the flats with access to the break and only hit the drops for sprinting though.
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