New tyres, new experience

Discussion in 'Fixed Gear and Single Speed' started by bonker, 21 Apr 2010.

  1. bonker

    bonker Über Member

    Put some Shwalbe Marathons on the fixed a couple of days ago, massive difference in the ride.

    Pluses -- hopefully no punctures, irons out the bumps well, they stick to the road like s^i1 to a blanket

    Minuses -- its like pushing tractor tyres, slowing the bike down is much harder. I have failed to lock the back wheel up yet.
  2. nigelb

    nigelb New Member

    What pressure have you got them up to?
  3. OP

    bonker Über Member

    About 100psi
  4. vorsprung

    vorsprung Über Member

    Funny time of year to be fitting winter tyres
    I was going to switch to michelin Krylions on the commute bike but I missed the special offer at chainreaction :/
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