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Hello, I recently bought a bike, its not a road bike its just a Apollo Phaze from halfords. Nothing special i know, but I have a few questions that would like to be answered if possible :smile:.

Basically, What should I chain it up to when i'm at work? There's a staff shed that a few of us use to store their motorbikes and I just dump mine in there with a silly little 10 pound D lock lol.

Just wondered how I can maximise my security without worrying it will be gone when I finish work.

I am also considering insurance my bicycle, even though it's only worth 190 quid or so it's still my property and having a bike robbed before is not a nice feeling. (Then again I didnt really invest in a good bike lock).

Now here are my questions.
What is a decent bike insurance company?
What locks should I use? (I've gotten a magnum plus 85cm chain but still need to find a decent D-Lock to maximize security)
Is there a website that you can input your bikes ID so that it can be traced or whatever.

I may consider buying a decent bike in the future but I'm still at the basics.

If anyone has read this far then thank you and i hope you reply.



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Insurance; try your home insurance first. Mine are insured on there.

Lock; a Gold standard lock, or Silver standard which are a bit cheaper. I've got a Kryptonite one permanently left at work - I only bring the key on my commute.


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+1 for all the above. For a lock, if there is one near you try out the local m/cycle dealers. They have loads to choose from and are often a little bit cheaper than bike shops.


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If its only £190, I wouldn't bother having it insured unless its already in your cover. Insurance doesn't stop it being stolen. Just get a quote, and put that amount of money away each year. Chances are you will have saved over £190 before it does get pinched.


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i have always had my bikes insured in the past, as i myself have had a few that have been nicked out of my garage frustratingly! jack if you are looking for insurance for you're bike you could try these guys for Cycle Insurance Quotes, i have always found them reasonable and very helpful :smile:

hope this helps



I wouldnt bother to insure a £190 bike unless it was already covered. Invest in a good lock and you will be fine.
If your home insurance covers it already then that is a bonus.


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I was in screwfix today and spotted this chain. was thinking of getting one myself.


My U-lock is a Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini lock. I use that to lock bikes upto £1k in the center of town, day or night... never been touched... Its not that the lock is inpeneritable, just that it's way too much effort and would need power tools/time to break. I also have an Abus Granit forged link chain, which is equally 'F off', just a bit weighty to transport around! I have only had one bike stolen ( the bike that is my icon) which was locked by a branded steel wire lock. :smile: My nephew saw the bike a few days latter and took it off the bloke in question- who denied knowing anything about it! (its a distinct bike with several marks- I made the wheels and the frame is 25+yrs old- worth nothing, but has a lot of love in my family)
The chain Paul04 suggested looks pretty good for the buck but would probobly be best kept at work to save carrying the weight.... my locks were £80-100 and I've never regretted there purchase.

I also have an arrangment at work to keep my bike in a locked brick it may be worth asking.
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