NO! no! no! must resist!


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A colleague of mine said on Wednesday, he'd checked and the agency that pay us do Cyclescheme. We'd just have to get our board of trustees to give it the ok.

I don't need another bike.

Not really.

I mean, I've managed without a Brompton this long.


For someone who's not really acquisitive, I can think of lots of things I'd like!


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Arch... N+1 you know this. One always needs another bike and a Brommie would take up so little space..
If it makes you feel better, you don't actually have to keep the bike. You could get a nice new 54cm frame road bike and give it to me instead. That way you get to buy a new bike, but don't feel the guilt of having too many. Simples! Let me know if you need to know the specifications required....:biggrin:


Think of it as an investment? Brommies hold their money well so you could kid yourself that you'll be selling it for a profit some time in the future...


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You'll have the space after simon collects the Trice;)
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