None of my mates are allowed


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Go to Richmond Park, sunny day, there'll be plenty of cyclists to play with


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Given that most of the riders over there are male I was rather hoping there wasn't a lot of looking going on xx(
I'm sure there is ... followed by sniggering :rofl:


Go on, tilt your head!
I've given up on my mates, a couple have bikes but would probably need to plan in a ride a few weeks in advance. I can't exactly get out very often but when I can I just get out on my own. A very large majority of my riding is solo, about the only time i ride with company is the FNRttC outings.


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@Cuchilo are you a member of a club? Must be a way to increase your pool of cycling mates. There are lots around SW London. You'll need one to use that TT Bike presumably


I tend to ride Solo a lot although, recently, my pool of fellow riders has improved and we get out together more. Having enjoyed this, I have signed up for the Swansea to Crystal Palace charity event in May. The group training will be as enjoyable as the event and broaden the group I ride with hopefully. :smile:


What do you mean by 'allowed'?

is it their other half that is refusing or that they have other commitments ie kids, work, etc.?


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Remember when I was a kid. I get a knock on the door
"Hey mustang, wanna go for a ride?"
And that was it.

These days, adults are too scared to just go on a whim and everything has to be "scheduled" (usually with the SO).
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