Noob advice - inner tube size


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yes it will be fine


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Without seeing it and the tyre its going in its hard to be 100% sure.
This is due to different makers measuring and marking their tubes inconsistent with each other, e.g. I have one marked 700x 19/23 that is wider than another that's marked 700x 19/25.
Having said that, If the new tube is a little wider it will be fine, but be sure to be extra careful when you ease it in


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I'm only a novice jim but may be you should consider your tyre size first, then choose a tube that has a range to suit your tyre. At the moment I'm using 35mm tyres (35C) on my hybrid so I tend to buy 28 to 38. This means I can use them on my trainer bike that has a 28c rear tyre as well as my 35c tyres. Halfords are doing 3 for 2 today (£10 for 3) so they work out nice and cheap.
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