Oi! Elmer, where are you?

Fab Foodie

hanging-on in quiet desperation ...
Jacomus-rides-Gen said:
And how are you?
This is indeed a good question. Well remembered JRG.

Elmer Fudd

Miserable Old Bar Steward
Thanks for the enquiries, wasn't too bad today until about 3pm but am really struggling since then, shaking attacks, sweats, bad head, dizzy spells etc.
But that's nearly the first day done and dusted.


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C'mon Elmer you can do this.
Just think how good it will feel to wake in the morning with the first day done.


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Yeah seriously, top stuff.

You know, this is going to sound strange, but I really admire you EF. I have only seen a grainy pic of you, and we have never actually spoken, but I am building a feeling of respect for you. What you are doing is admirable, and obviously bloody difficult, but you have the strength not only to say that you are in trouble, but also to seek help and tackle the problem head on. I sincerely hope that you have the strength to see this de-tox through and reap the beneifts.

Keep us updated, as I mentioned earlier in my cheesy FMJ rip off, we are here as backup, and are here every (virtual) step you take.


You two guys ought to get your heads together. Both working on BIG challenges, both could give each other a lot of support, pity you seem to be so far apart, geographically. How about meeting up halfway? Going for a ride together?

Elmer Fudd

Miserable Old Bar Steward
Fab Foodie said:
Top bloke Elmer, hang-on in there as Cathryn says, get to bed early to avoid the temptationGreat stuff.

No problem with that, There is no temptation !
I disposed of it Sunday night (Hic !).

Went to bed last night at 1.30 but couldn't sleep so read one of my charity shop books 'til about 3. Promptly woke up about 6.15 drenched in sweat so it's getting out my system someway !

Not feeling to bad at the moment, but I know from past experiences when I've "run dry" for a few days (I wasn't drinking as much then though) it was always in the afternoons when things would go downhill so to speak.

Hence I was missing off here most of yesterday afternoon.


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Dayvo said:
Keep on truckin', Elmer!
I'm looking forward to buying you that nice little non-alcoholic cocktail at the Cycle Chat get-together in April! :sad:

Is this supposed to be top-secret, or can anyone join in? Even me?;)

On the topic of events, is the Trainspot Museum;) in York having a Cycling Festival next year - in May? Does anyone have any advance info on dates so that I can put it in my diary. Thank you to anyone who knows.

And Elmer have a big hug from me.
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