Oops!.....that was an expensive 'off'.


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A distant relative has a 17 year old grandson who is (my words) spoiled by his Dad.
Dad recently bought him a coat. The make is French something or other. It cost £1,200.00. :eek:
So what does he do? Goes off on his bike with his mates......complete with new coat.
They decide to go for a KFC and cut through a service station, hits a patch of oil from a wagon and bang........his £1,200.00 coat covered in oil.
They did think he had broken his hip but
x rays showed he hadn't.
The family are trying to find a company that can clean the coat. So far just one company has said they "will try".......£300.00 with no guaranty :wacko:.
Oops indeed.


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Well, he won't do that again!


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£300 would buy a new washing machine... forget the coat...


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Well, he won't do that again!
Bet he does.
To be fair, hitting a patch of oil is something that could happen to any of us!

I watched an episode of one of those helicopter medics shows a few nights ago and there was an elderly cyclist who had crashed on a descent on The Way of the Roses at 30+ mph. He had hit an oil slick. (Damn brave old fella - he was lying in the road and had broken something (can't remember if it was hip/pelvis/leg) but was chirpy and calm.)

I remember a rider breaking a hip (or his pelvis?) on one of my Costa Blanca holidays. He had gone round a bend on a mountain descent and found a few litres of Spanish olive oil waiting for him on the road!

£1,200 for a coat/jacket is a bit O.T.T. though...
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