Oscillating Pompino (or was it a vibrating blo....)?



I bought a pannier rack and fitted it to my Pompino. On a "loaded" commute (I have to take everything with me as there are no storage facilities at uni), I soon found that if I try to stand to take a hill the front is all over the place.

I get home and weigh the panniers at 10 KG.

Anyone else find this? Is it me? the frame? or what? How do touring bikes manage? (but they have low gears and so may not stand as much as on a fixed).

Anyone else noticed this at all? I was half thinking of getting a Kaffenback as well but may discard this if it's a frame issue.


I'm assuming 'all over the place' means the front wheel is lifting off the ground and possibly skittering side to side?

You've added 10kilos to the rear end of the bike. When you stand, you're moving your mass higher up. Both of these will more than likely shift the centre of mass of the bike+you up and back, 'unweighting' the front wheel. Particularly if you're heaving on the bars as you stand up, you'll find the front wheel lifting (MTBs experience this quite frequently).


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Yeah, you have to shift your bodyweight forward more than usual when out of the saddle, and also try to keep the front wheel 'planted' whilst honking with your arms. I find it helps if I try to concentrate on pushing down the bar on the side you're not heaving up on (if that makes any sense), and make these movements more minimal and snappier than 'typical' honking :biggrin:


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It is just different rather than wrong, a few trips and you get used to the weight and treat the bike more gently try not to rock the bike side to side so much.

I find the first ride out of the saddle when switching between my light fixed TT bike and loaded Audax fixed bike a little skittish as I have to adjust my riding style slightly.
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