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Harder than Ronnie Pickering
Meanwood, Leeds
My wardrobe is dominated by George from Asda, Crane from Aldi and unbranded rags from a range of Internet retailers. I broke free from the tyranny of top brands in clothing in my late teens.


Harder than Ronnie Pickering
Meanwood, Leeds
Yes, but I expect you have a maker's name on your watch ? Patek Philippe perhaps ?


My tailors would never do anything as vulgar as a putting a label on my clothes.
Seriously, I thought tailored clothing went out of fashion years ago. You could spot tailored clothings a mile away. No doubt the material may usually be more expensive but the cutting is way off in fashion terms.


On the road to nowhere
I'm usually kitted out in Next sale clothing, although not the SP rubbish as is falls apart in your hands. Sports wear is usually Adidas, especially Samba and Super Samba trainers.


For motorcycle protection I was a top brand buyer as its about quality and performance in a crash.ie a 250quid boot with extensive moto gp testing will be better than the 30 quid ebay special.
I like a bargain in most cases but quality is often cheaper in the long run.
I love sainsbury jeans and most of there clothes ,tesco not so good , I have a aldi bike tool kit which cost 17quid and does most things I need as a boot tool kit when out with the car and bike rack.
I like my Commencal Meta got that for a steel from crc half price
I loved my ping clubs
and my Fiat van.lol cheap and cheerful suprisingly goob van.
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